Orange ink blot

The one that was in the newspapers 

Press release, developed for Blue Alchemy Consulting

When government attorney Janetta Brewer launched Blue Alchemy Consulting, she needed to get the word out. The business was offering a suite of training program for contracting professional responsible for procurement policy and oversight. There were no other programs like it in the market. This gave the press release a natural focus.

I worked with the client to craft a press release that would be sent out to local and national media. The press release was effective in promoting the programs. More importantly, we used the release as a dry run to create a voice for the business and establish the wording for future marketing materials.


What I wrote:


Washington’s First Consultancy For Federal Procurement Policy Analysts Now Open for Business

Blue Alchemy Consulting fills huge training void with bespoke programs for senior government procurement professionals

ARLINGTON, Virginia, DATE — Virginia attorney Janetta Brewer has announced the official launch of her new consultancy, Blue Alchemy Consulting LLC. The business provides training and consultancy specifically for procurement policy analysts in Federal government. The new brand leverages Ms Brewer’s previous success as a senior procurement analyst to the Department of Defense.

Blue Alchemy is the only consultancy to offer comprehensive training for contracting professionals with policy and oversight duties, plugging a gap in the procurement training market.

“Early in my career, I transitioned into a procurement policy role after serving as a contracting officer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,” Ms Brewer said. “I was struck by the lack of training available. Many procurement analysts are forced to rely on their operational contracting experience which is important, but it does not provide them with the skills they need to perform their new responsibilities.”

Those responsibilities include developing an agency’s oversight processes, writing effective policies, implementing effective control measures, and ensuring the workforce is adequately trained. The role is strategic, and it requires the procurement policy analyst to look at an agency’s procurement activities through a national or global lens. For professionals who previously spent their days awarding, administering, and closing out contracts, the broader focus can come as a shock.  

“All of the corporate and Government training in existence is geared towards the contracting officer, but the skill set required to be a successful procurement analyst are drastically different, because the job responsibilities are different,” Ms Brewer said. “Our training programs — the first of their kind — assist senior procurement analysts in reducing risk and strengthening procurement operations across federal government. I’m confident that we can help senior policy professionals raise their game and deliver powerful results for their agencies.’’

About Blue Alchemy Consulting LLC

Blue Alchemy is a woman-owned small business providing training and consulting services tailored specifically for acquisition policy and compliance professionals. Headquartered in Arlington, VA, Blue Alchemy aims to reduce risk and increase operational efficiency for government and industry clients.