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The one with the killer body

Website copy and “brand hero” interviews, developed for Urbahn Fit

Anka Urbahn, founder of Mindsets Fitness, is hands down the most inspiring woman I’ve ever met. Just look at her! She’s dedicated her life to empowering women and inspiring them, through strength training, to be more confident versions of themselves.  

So her copy had to be inspiring, too. After speaking at length with Anka, I crafted a website that conveyed the dedication, inspiration and care Anka lavishes on her clients. It really captures what she’s all about.  Visit the website here


“This is f***ing awesome! You clearly get me and what I am looking for. I’m so excited to share this with my business coach tomorrow and my audience shortly thereafter when I finish updating my website. Thank you so very much.”

Anka Urbahn, Mindsets