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The one with the customer service

Conversion copy, developed for SwiftDesk

The creators of customer service tool SwiftDesk had a great product and the lowest price point on the market, but the uptake for their 30-day free trial was incredibly low. The team brought me in to perform a copy review, drilling right down into the offer, voice, calls-to-action and button copy and tweaking as necessary to amplify the impact.


When customers are not doing what you want them to do, you don’t need words that simply sound nice. You needs words that connect with your audience and drive them to take action: to sign up, opt in and stick around. Conversion copywriting does exactly that. It’s a beautiful blend of art and science to get the audience shifting from passive readers to active buyers.


I ended up rewriting the entire home page to give a clear value proposition, tuning into the customers’ exact pains and frustrations. Strategically guiding them to the moment when SwiftDesk became the “heck, yes!” solution and getting that much-needed lift in sign ups.