Orange ink blot

The one with the glass 

Website copy, developed for Warrington Glass 

A small but growing glazing company, Warrington Glass is building its reputation on integrity and transparency, two values that are often lacking in the double glazing industry.

It had an existing website, but the messaging was bland and awkwardly worded. More importantly, it did not put the firm’s core values front and centre, or give customers a reason to choose this double-glazing firm over any other.

The solution? I rewrote the entire website, 18 pages in total, to create pages that were concise, easy to read, and described how the company backed up their commitment to customers, while also saving them money.


The client was so happy, they accepted the copy with no amendments!


This is a big deal, and so lovely to work with a client who trusted that the tone of voice I chose for them would be exactly the right one.