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The one with personality

By-lined blog posts, developed for Truity Labs

I love psychology. You’d expect me to as a copywriter. So, when a personality assessment company hired me to word up their blog site, I jumped at the chance. Especially when the brief gave me free rein with the story ideation, style, tone, content and ….just about everything really. I could even write in the first person if I wanted to. Hurrah!

What followed was a deep and ongoing involvement with Truity Labs and its sister site, Typefinder. I have a by-lined blog on both websites covering everything from careers to parenting to self discovery—all with a personality twist—and I’ve written ebooks, emails, personality profiles, infographics, lead generation pierces and all sorts of lovely stuff for this amazing client. I’m also the serving blog editor, managing a large and growing team of talented writers.

You can access all the blog posts here. The stories are American-style for an American audience, but worth reading if you have a spare minute.