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How it works

Answers to your burning questions.

Who is going to write my copy?

I am. I never outsource. I care deeply about my work, and you will never get anything less than first-rate, personally crafted copy from me.

What sort of businesses do you write for?

Everyone. I’ve written copy for bootstrapped startups, VC-backed tech companies, local small businesses and global brands. But I do have a soft spot for small businesses who are trying to do their own thing and compete with a fraction of the marketing budget the big guys have. I’m a sucker for supporting the underdog.

Do you have a specialism?

Like all good B2B copywriters I can write about anything: insurance, aerospace, shipping, real estate and obscure branches of engineering. You name it and I can write about it. I once wrote 30 pages about glue, which shows that no business is too niche to benefit from the services of a professional B2B copywriter.

Is there anything you don’t write?

Not really. I’m a website copywriter, white paper copywriter, digital copywriter, brochure copywriter, marketing copywriter, social media copywriter, commercial copywriter … I do pretty much everything. Except “corporatey” jargon-filled content. Some copywriters do amazing things with branding blah, but words like “leverage” bring me out in a rash.

Can I see samples of your writing?

Definitely! You’ll find a bunch of samples in my portfolio, and I’m happy to provide examples of similar projects when you contact me about a job.

What’s the B2B copywriting process?

When we start working together, I’ll send you a copy brief. This ask you lots of questions about what makes you different: your product or service, target audience, competitors and the problem you’re trying to solve. Most importantly, I want to hear you talk about your business. I always kick things off with a phone call or meeting because, directly or inadvertently, clients reveal a lot of information about their business that help me do my job.

Then, I squirrel away and do tons of research. Most time is spent researching, planning and thinking about your unique features and how we can communicate them in a style and voice that truly resonates with your audience.

From there, I start writing down ideas and rough drafts, and more than likely come back to you with more questions. You’ll get a page or two as calibration copy, to make sure that I’ve nailed the tone and style for your business. A few days later, you’ll get a complete first draft.

Sometimes, one draft is all it takes. But assuming you need edits—and most projects need a bit of tweaking—together we revise and refine the copy until you’re totally smitten with it. The fee includes initial delivery of a complete copy document and two subsequent rounds of changes, if required, so your copy is the very best it can be.

Can you write a 20-page website by tomorrow?

I’d love to but….I’m not superhuman. The wait time for starting a new project is normally around two weeks, and I’ll work with you to agree a reasonable timescale when we’ve established the scope of the project. But, if you need help FAST, I’ll do my best to accommodate. I don’t clock off at 5 pm so there’s room for manoeuvre. Just don’t say you need it “yesterday” or we won’t be friends.

Who owns the copyright to the content you write?

Until final payment is received, copyright of the work remains with me. As soon as you pay me, the copy is yours to do with as you wish. Simple.

How much will my copy cost?

I don’t know yet. It depends on what you want. I can tell you that I don’t charge crazy London prices and that my fees are somewhere in the mid-range for B2B copywriters in the UK. Which is a pretty good deal considering that I’ve been working since 1994!

(I’m not past it yet though.)

Check out my rates for a rough idea of costs, or contact me for a custom quote.

What are your payment terms?

For jobs over £500 where I haven’t worked with you before, I take a 50% deposit in advance. The balance is payable on delivery of the final draft.

If have not received any feedback or comments within two weeks of submitting work to you (at any stage—the initial draft or subsequent edits), I will assume you are happy the work has been completed and will invoice for the remaining balance.

What if I change my mind or I need to cancel?

It happens! If you wish to cancel our agreement before we’ve done anything substantial together, then I return your deposit and we go our separate ways. For cancellations after work has started, I will keep your deposit and you may be required to make an additional payment to cover the work I’ve done. This ‘kill fee’ (not as dangerous as it sounds) will be based on the percentage of the project completed.

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