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Love letters

This is why I do what I do.

This is f***ing awesome! You clearly get me and what I am looking for. I’m so excited to share this with my business coach tomorrow and my audience shortly thereafter when I finish updating my website. Thank you so very much.

Anka Urbahn, Urbahn Fit

Jayne was able to deliver her work quickly and without the supervision other freelancers sometimes need. She works with a certain air of professionalism that is quite refreshing. This allowed me to focus on my business and trust that she would do a great job, which she did!

Justin Cormino, Home Nation

Fantastic. I will definitely work with Jayne again, as she’s added tremendous value to our sales and marketing message and with seemingly such little effort. If only all of my suppliers where like this—it would be amazing!

David Keane, CCWS

Jayne is a gem: smart, proactive, excellent copywriter. You will be so glad to have her with you. Thank you Jayne for your amazing work!

Thierry Koehrlen, On The Road to Honesty Campaign

I instructed Jayne at very short notice, to provide urgent copy with a vague brief (my fault!). Jayne exceeded my expectations and I felt she was more than a copywriter. Somehow she was able to read my mind when I was ineffective in articulating exactly what I wanted. End result: mission accomplished.

Amar Sodhi, Rent.Works

This looks wonderful Jayne, thank you.  I’m so happy with it.  You really have expressed me in a nuanced and accurate way. I look forward to continuing to work with you.  I’ve also recommended you to colleagues.

Lourdes Viado, Therapy and Counselling

Jayne´s work is absolutely brilliant. She is quick, creative, thorough, is able to find the perfect tone of voice for your target audience/ brand. I will work with Jayne again and highly recommend her for any copywriting work!

Lilija Bairamova, ORBasics

Jayne, you bloody legend, you’ve outdone yourself again!! Now you have another raving fan… Amanda thought I must have written you an essay last night for you to come back with that awesome piece of work – totally on point! Thanks so much for your amazingly quick turnaround.  I owe you too many drinks to count.

Teree Clare, Director, Eve Property Group

I had been feeling pretty discouraged about my marketing efforts for my business. But having Jayne write my copy has buoyed me back up and excited. Her words and work helped me tremendously. I don’t have to rely on my fumbling words trying to sell my services. Her words do it for me. Can’t recommend Jayne’s services enough!

Molly McCormick, Life Coaching and Leadership

Jayne has become an integral part of our small business, even on the other side of the world.  I’m not sure how we could now survive without her! From our web copy, to marketing emails, to resource guides, to government tenders, Jayne is our “go to” for all our writing needs.  With the briefest of instructions, Jayne has a way of telling our story better than we could have ever hoped for. She is prompt and professional and understands how the tone of the copy should be written based on our requirement.  

Her background in law definitely shines through with her work especially around tenders. Not only writing the content, but helping guide us through the process. Yet, she has an awesome edginess that we love and portrays through our web copy. No sign of a lawyer anywhere then!! My husband and I run two businesses and for both of them, our number one goal is to provide excellent customer service. We often wonder if our clients are ever as excited about our work as we are about Jayne’s when we see the email turn up in our inbox.  Everytime without fail, Jayne outdoes herself! An absolute blessing to anyone lucky enough to have her on their team.

Teree Clare, Red Flag Systems

If you’re looking for a copywriter who’s a 100% safe pair of hands, you’ve come to the right place!