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The (extremely reasonable) rates

Some copywriters don’t publish their rates. I do.
Here’s how much good words are worth in today’s economy.

Hiring a copywriter isn’t like buying vegetables from the greengrocer. There’s no such thing as “industry standard” pricing for copywriting. What feels expensive to one client is perfectly reasonable to another, and sometimes the shortest pieces of copy add the most value. If a 10,000-word sales letter costs £5,000 to complete, does that mean Nike’s powerful three-word “Just Do It” slogan is worth around £1.50?

Of course not!

(So please don’t ask me to price by the word.)

How do I calculate my prices?

Every piece of work is different. So, for your benefit and mine, I give you certainty about costs by quoting you a fixed price for the project and sticking to it. The all-inclusive fee is based on multiple variables: copy length, complexity, subject matter, quality of the brief, format, distribution, audience,  deadline etc etc. Throw in my experience in completing copy projects just like yours, and out pops the fee quote.

If that sounds woolly, it’s not intended to be. Unlike most copywriters, I’m candid about my rate card so you know how much you’re in for before we begin. No, I’m not the cheapest option. But your money won’t be subsidising swanky offices with a water fountain either. What you will get are consistent results that deliver excellent ROI. Clients tell me that I’m exceptional value for money.

Here’s a rough idea of my pricing based on past projects.

Let’s start with websites

A standard page (home page, about page etc) is around the £150 mark. But I offer a basic website package comprising home page, about page, three services pages and a contact page for £525. Sweet!

Additional pages get cheaper the more you ask for. Once we’ve nailed the vibe you want to go for, it all gets a little easier.

Blog posts and content packs

Your average 500-1,000 word blog post will cost between £70 and £100, depending on the research needed. The fee includes coming up with ideas, drafting the story and incorporating SEO keywords so Google loves you.

If you want me to write your blog posts on a monthly retainer, I give BIG discounts for those. Just tell me what you need.

White papers /  how-to guides / handbooks

These require a lot of desk research and sometimes interviews, and they need to be done well. Budget £850 for around 2,000 words (5 to 10 pages).

Case studies/ customer success stories/ trade articles

Interviewing the customer, finding the hook, drafting the story, etc: £325 for around 800 words (2 to 4 pages)

In-depth article (for trade magazine etc): £450 per 1,000 words.

Press releases

To write a news story: £125.

Emails and landing pages

Simple email content/autoresponder copy: From £50 to £150 per email

Landing page: Starts from £250


Corporate brochure: Budget around £350 per 1,000 words.

For jobs that are hard to itemise

Projects like mission statements, branding and taglines are tough to nail down so I normally quote on a time basis, using the following as a guide:

Standard hourly rate: £45

Standard daily rate: £350

Evening, weekend or super-quick turnaround (deadlines less than 48 hours): £70/ hr. As my clients can attest, I’m pretty flexible and reasonable.   

What Do You Get For the Money?

Standard inclusions for all copywriting packages are:

  • Initial telephone briefing or an in-person coffee session if you’re based in Yorkshire. Will cross the Pennines for gluten-free biscuits. Travel expenses outside of Yorkshire are invoiced in addition to the proposal fee.
  • Client brief pack to help you galvanise your thoughts.
  • Strategic thinkingI come up with angles, themes, hooks and headlines that will speak to your target audience and achieve what you want to achieve.
  • First ‘calibration’ page delivered to test that I have used the right voice and style for your content before continuing with the rest of the copy.
  • Two rounds of amendments and proofreading of the final draft.
  • A relaxed and personable service that makes it easy to work with me.
  • First-rate copy that will blow your audience away!

Sound reasonable? Let’s talk about your project!