Orange Ink Blot

B2B copywriting that dares to stand out.

Well you could waste hours writing and rewriting your content and be cranky when you still don’t like it. Or you could hire me. I’m Jayne Thompson, a freelance B2B, finance, legal and tech copywriter based in Leeds. I can turn all your words into gold dust—attracting customers, making sales and giving you an edge over your competitors.  

If you’re after copy services, but hesitant because Jayne has no direct experience in your industry/vertical – don’t worry – she got up to speed with our industry right away, and I thought her outputs were from a telco veteran!

Mark Fitton, Finance Director, TFM Networks

Having Jayne as a resource is a difference maker for us. She’s built our entire marketing content library including our catalogs, website, blogs, core messaging, taglines, presentations and proposals. She has an incredible ability to put the thoughts that rattle around in my head on paper in a clear, concise and clever manner that compels our customers to action and reflects exactly what I want to convey. All the while, she’s an absolute pleasure to work with, making her a true star. 

Dan Coccoluto, Founder and President, Ventura CFO