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Case study, developed for Google

Just a few years ago, the concept of real-time trading data for intra-day risk and capital management was unimaginable for HSBC. Migrating to Google Cloud Partners and utilising a suite of Google products – such as Google Cloud Storage, Google DataFlow and BigQuery – has revolutionised the bank’s approach to managing risk. One of their key success stories is being able to run multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios at the same time, 16x faster than before. 

Which is a great story for a case study!

Now, it would have been easy to follow the same old same old recipe of ‘Problem, Solution, Results’ with this case study but this isn’t what Google wanted, so we decided to spice things up. How? By including  tons of context, great quotes and testimonials from HSBC, and a distinct future focus – looking ahead to all the juicy possibilities of this new tool, and not only what it can do now.

Oh, and words that literally jump off the  page.

Risk weighted assets is quite a technically complex area and preparing the case study involved interrogating the high-ups at HSBC responsible. HSBC were an absolute dream to interview and it was their enthusiasm that made it easy to capture the tone of exploration and innovation that pervades this case.

You can read it here.