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From quick-start websites to complex request-for-tender documents, I happily write whatever needs writing. Here are just some of the B2B copywriting services I provide. 

Website Copywriting

(Writing to get the clickety-click)

I create and maintain brand voices.

I come up with punchy headlines and taglines.

I get people interested in your products and services.

I craft messages that drive action.

Marketing Copywriting

(Like Mad Men, if Don Draper wore a flat cap and worked in a shed)

I craft brochures, flyers, books and video explainers.

I pinpoint what makes your product or service special.

I convince customers about benefits—clearly, concisely and memorably.

I help you put something valuable in customers’ hands.

Blog Posts and Other Stories

(Everyone loves a good success story)

I find unique angles for your blog posts, newsletters, press releases and case studies.

I translate interviews and data into compelling stories that are enjoyable to read.

I drive traffic to your website and help you build a loyal following.

I create social media posts that make your content stand out.


(Your words, only less sucky)

I punch up copy to give it some wow.

I get your ideas out clearly from the first page to the last.

I eliminate errors, misspellings and corporate blah.

I repurpose your copy in new formats to engage audiences and boost SEO.

SEO Copywriting

(The right words, the right number of times, in the right place on your web page)

I find the best long-tail search terms to rank for.

I tweak your copy to the demands of search engines.

I craft content that people want to like, link or share.

I get your website found by the right people, for the right search terms.

White Paper Copywriting

(Where the left brain knows what the right brain is doing)

I design the best format for your paper based on your audience and sales cycle.

I do deep research to find the most persuasive arguments.

I sum up your benefits without the buzzwords or hype.

I create copy that fizzes with energy, backed up by research from journalistic-grade sources.


(So the world knows who you are)

I create signature names and taglines. 

I articulate your brand values, mission, vision and ethos.

I develop corporate identity documents that everyone can follow.

I give you a verbal identity by developing your unique tone of voice.

Jayne is a gem: smart, proactive, excellent copywriter. You will be so glad to have her with you. Thank you Jayne for your amazing work!

Thierry Koehrlen, On the Road to Honesty Campaign

Fantastic. I will definitely work with Jayne again, as she’s added tremendous value to our sales and marketing message and with seemingly such little effort. If only all of my suppliers where like this—it would be amazing!

David Keane, CCWS

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