Orange Ink Blot

The one with the Martech

Website copy, developed for 1plusX

1plusX has a whizzy AI-powered Martech platform that does all sorts of clever things with visitor data—the TL;DR is they empower global marketers and media companies to give the right person the right message at the right time, thus driving their digital revenues. 

The company had been working with a creative agency for some time when I came onboard.  The agency was knocking it out of the park on 1plusX’s rebrand and website design, but their copywriter wasn’t getting it. I was asked to write all copy for the new site, giving it more personality and swapping the jargon for something more business-case and value-driven. The goal was for visitors to quickly get a sense of 1plusX, their breadth of expertise, and what sets them apart.

Results: Take a look for yourself here. I think we nailed it!