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Case studies, developed for Adeva

I write all sorts of things in this job—web copy, white papers, brochures, ad copy, opinion pieces—and I love every single thing that goes out the door.

But if you asked me to choose my favourite, I’d have to say case studies. First, because nothing carries as much credibility with prospects than the story of your customer’s success. Case studies are dynamite for moving decision-makers through the sales cycle. Second, because case studies are just so much fun to write! I get to flex my journalism muscles and interview the customer about all the lovely things my client has done for them, then bake the conversation into a delicious mix of storytelling, hard success metrics and soft sell for my client.

Adeva supplies world-class tech talent on demand to engineering teams around the world. I’ve been working with them for a while now, creating case studies that showcase the value of Adeva’s service in a more tangible way.

Visit Adeva/Perfocal case study for a nice example.