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Campaign emails, landing pages and sign up sheets developed for On The Road To Honesty Thunderclap campaign

Thierry Koehrlen, author of “On the Road to Honesty” an e-book for children, came to me with an idea of launching a Thunderclap campaign. The aim was to publish hundreds of messages, from a bunch of experts, all at once on social media. The sheer volume of messaging would break through the noise of general news and drive signs ups to Thierry’s Honesty for Kids campaign and parenting support kit.

I can honestly say that I’d never worked on a project quite like this before and was delighted to provide copywriting support in the form of influencer outreach emails, sales emails, flyers, sign-up pages, video script copyediting and landing pages.

The result? A social reach of 4,416,091 which I reckon is viral by anyone’s standard. Honest!