Orange Ink Blot

OR.Basics had developed a great line of premium kids’ basics, all organic and sustainably produced. But, like most bootstrapping startups, they needed money to get the business moving. That money would come from a crowdfunding campaign.


Crowdfunding is beautiful in its simplicity. Everyday people want to help others; they want to be involved in supporting a great new product or service. But copywriting for Kickstarter is not like writing a blog or a case study. To earn the public’s support, you must show that the project matters. Your purpose, value and meaning must come across very effectively.


For OR.Basics, the pitch I developed was a well-orchestrated call to action, designed to win the hearts and minds of potential contributors. The design has a rich, premium feel. I supported that with a narrative story detailing the origins of the business and the care its owners take in crafting the clothing. It’s light, appealing and sophisticated.


The copy must have struck exactly the right note, because the campaign was fully funded. Result!