Orange Ink Blot

The one with the friendly fit-out guys

Website copy, white papers, blog posts and social content, developed for CCWS 

CCWS have asked me to create a lot of marketing materials over the years, from their website and corporate brochure to blog posts and press releases. I love it when a client lets me get my quirk on! These guys like to tiptoe the line between professionalism and irreverence, so I built the paper around all the bad experiences their clients had ever with a landlord. Death of the office? I don’t think so. Not with these guys around.  

What I wrote

WARNING: This paper can help you to manage the risks of an office refurbishment, negotiate concessions, spread the cost, and save money!

Moving into a new office – or renovating your current one – is an expensive matter. Not only must you consider the physical costs of fit out, there are also the behind-the-scenes costs of surveys, landlord’s permissions, finance costs and professional fees. And, if you’re relocating, you may have dilapidations to consider.

As a finance manager, it’s your job to ask tough questions about your office relocation, and to make sure your people do, too. These questions should drill down into areas like the ratio between landlord’s costs and tenant’s costs … all the different iterations of ‘re-fit’ …. the real impact of yield up clauses… the tax consequences of refurbishment …. and whether a lump sum tender really adds up.

Many companies are unaware of the huge cost savings that can be made by managing the hidden risks associated with an office move, or at least, they’re not getting joined-up advice. That means you may end up overpaying in project costs and delays, and shelling out cash that is unreasonable, unjustified and unfair.

This white paper looks at seven areas where commercial tenants can roll out significant savings in their office fit out project and truly get “more bang for your buck.”

Fantastic. I will definitely work with Jayne again, as she’s added tremendous value to our sales and marketing message and with seemingly such little effort. If only all of my suppliers where like this – it would be amazing!

David Keane, M.D. CCWS