Orange Ink Blot

The one with the scaffolding 

Website copy, developed for 48.3 

If you ever wondered how someone managed to build ten floors of offices over a working train station or construct a thumping-big marquee over a 50 foot-wide river, then 48.3 probably had something to do with it. These scaffolding design experts have won multiple awards for their complex access solutions. Even if you know nothing about scaffolding—and I knew nowt before this gig—you’ve got to agree these structures are amazing feats of engineering!


Sadly, 48.3 were not winning awards for their website. The messaging was choppy, messy and confusing before I came on board. It read like everyone had written a bit of it (which they had), and the story didn’t flow.


One copy brief, several phone calls and a bunch of height-related puns later, the final result is a powerful website that reflects 48.3’s market-leading expertise and entrepreneurial mission. You can visit the website here.

What I wrote:

“We are here to find solutions to your problems; to make new things possible for you. Our brand is built upon over 100 years’ experience of simplifying complex access requirements. An investment in 48.3 is an investment in your reputation, site safety and productivity. Together, we can set the standard higher.”