Orange Ink Blot

The one with the engineers

Website copy, developed for Kitall

Take a couple of seasoned engineers with extensive consultancy experience. Throw in a mission to raise standards in the scaffolding industry. Add a marketing guru and her sophisticated vision for what the consultancy’s messaging should be, and what kind of voice it needed to reach the very top of this industry.


Get sidetracked by a couple of false starts with another copywriting agency who tried hard to deliver the perfect website but didn’t quite nail it.


Now introduce a massive sense of urgency and a website due to go live any day.


That’s the position Kitall were in when they came to me.  Their previous copywriter had made a decent fist of things, but their content was kissing the corners rather than hitting the readers smack in the middle of the mouth. And the voice was too small. It didn’t give the impression that Kitall meant business. It lacked authority.


So I squirreled away in my office. And within 48 hours, the once-flabby copy was gone; imbued by the sound of leadership. The messaging was tauter and spoke with clarity and persuasiveness.  Best of all, the client loved every word and requested zero edits. In the words of the MD, “you smashed it!”