Orange Ink Blot

The one with the glue 

Corporate storybook and website copy, developed for Alphabond Adhesives 

In the labelling industry, glue is a big deal. No, seriously. The wrong glue can cause machine parts to char or degrade, which slows production and increases wasteful downtime. Which means that good glue can save £££.

But how do you make glue sexy? It’s not exciting stuff.

One approach is to make the glue company a little more helpful, human and fun. Here, I took the dry old copy and gave it some life. Short, snappy sentences. Solid B2B messaging: eliminate charring and nozzle blockages. Maximise uptime. Clean production runs. Usage savings. Everything designed to communicate the biggest benefit to manufacturing customers: cost savings.

What I wrote:

Hidden cost or total lowest cost?

The price you pay per kilo? Tip of the iceberg. The real cost of a poor product is the underwater stuff. Thermal instability. Charring. Nozzle blockages. Problems that translate to downtime and eat away at your profit. Because time is money on a production line.

Alphabond adopts the ideology of World Class Manufacturing. A grade that costs a pittance but blocks nozzles is rarely good value. A high performance product—one that uses one-third less adhesive, eliminates blockages and slashes downtimereduces overall spend.

We pledge to focus on the Total Lowest Cost solution. Across all our brands, the emphasis is on quality and performance to give greater savings through noticeably reduced consumption and by cutting downtime from nozzle blockages and stringing (often by over 40%). It’s our way of helping you cut waste and manufacture lean.

That’s how we add real value. That’s how our customers win.