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The one with the LinkedIn makeovers

LinkedIn profiles, developed for various clients

Let’s face it, it’s hard to write about yourself. Most people dump their job description into their LinkedIn profile and think that’s enough to showcase their personal brand. But, when written strategically, your LinkedIn profile can really set you apart from the competition.


I’ve performed dozens of LinkedIn makeovers over the years for CEOs, entrepreneurs, freelancers and executives who want to shine a spotlight on their values and experiences—check out the smattering below.  If that’s the type of B2B copywriting you need, then please, get in touch.


A few LinkedIn bio samples:

Dan Coccoluto, Founder and President at Ventura CFO

Tracy Greenan, Founder and CEO at MyHelpa

Tanya Field, Co-founder and CPO at Novatiq

Eyal Goldman, Founder at Write Click