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The one with the bullet-proof branding

Product name, developed for Prime Medical Property Group

Prime Medical Property Group acquires, builds and delivers smart, move-in ready healthcare premises to doctors, dentists and medical services providers in Melbourne and beyond.

They contacted me to name a pioneering community wellness complex they were developing in Craigieburn, north west Melbourne. The 8,000 square metre hub, the largest of its kind in the region, would accommodate radiology services, a pharmacy, day procedure suites, specialist treatment suites, a dental centre, chemotherapy, dialysis services, blood donor services and associated customer facilities once built out.

The winning name:

The Radius Centre

innovation | performance | service

radius centre logo

The thought process:

Now, a good copywriter won’t just pick a name out of the air. The “Radius” brand came out of hours’ worth of brainstorming and a process that started with a long list of 80 powerful names. Radius was a front runner from the start because it works on multiple levels:

  • Radius, a mathematical term, advances the concept of the medical hub as scientifically essential and elegant.
  • It is also, of course, one of the major bones of the human skeleton.
  • The name implies a circle that begins with the initial building design and ends with improving patients’ lives. Since the client is a turnkey developer, the “conception to completion” overtone maps directly to the client’s mission statement.
  • It also speaks of a geographical radius that pulls in the target audience; specifically residents of rural north Victoria who presently have to travel many miles to receive specialist medical services. The word captures the essence of “community.”

These various layers of meaning make “Radius” extremely rich with marketing energy. A clear winner!