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The one about recruiting economics

Some articles are easy to write; others not so much – and this one was tougher than most! I went ...

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The one for frontline teams

Atiom had good content on their site but were missing the big-splash “hero” piece they needed to generate value for ...

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The one with the lawyers

This was a huge site and a big project. We’re still working our way through the pages but the results ...

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The one for Workday

You’ve heard of Workday, right? They specialise in HCM/ ERP and financial management applications for medium-to-large-sized companies, with features like ...

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The one with the accountants

TaxAce asked me to write the copy for their new website. The aim was to demystify accounting for construction companies, ...

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The one with the telecoms

TFM Networks provides enterprise-grade mobile, broadband and unified communication solutions for businesses across the UK. I’ve worked with them on ...

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The one with the insurance

Great Eastern is a Singapore-based insurance provider that offers just about every type of insurance service you can think of. ...

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The one for Forex traders

Forex trading is a heavily regulated industry, which means there are limits on what you can claim and promise. Lots ...

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The one with the gas

Energas are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of industrial gases. But they were a bit behind the curve in ...

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